It’s Time To Get More Fresh Air

We are spending more time at the work place and locked up in our offices. After working, sitting in the congested traffic there is no better way to unwind than to relax outdoors in your patio.

Whether you are cooking a barbeque for dinner, sipping on your favourite beverage or just sitting back having catching up with your family and chatting about the day – a patio can offer this environment which is a peace of your own! Enjoy the fresh air and the lifestyle it will create as an extension to your home. And your plants will love being undercover and sheltered, giving you an place that is fresh and homely.

This is the reason why you need to get a new patio now!

Not only do we add value at Best Value Patios, we offer a personalised service and a full in house team of designers, builders and installers to offer you the best price in Perth.

There are a number of designs available such as domes, raised flats, flat, gables and the Manhattan. CLICK HERE TO VIEW OUR GALLERY. Deciding on which design to go with may not always be so simple, and the provision of consultants could go a long way in making sure an individual makes the right decision.

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Enhance Your Experience At Your Home

There are times of the year you may enjoy more than others. By putting up a new patio, you can enjoy the outdoor lifestyle all year around! Extend the seasons with outdoor alfresco dining, gatherings and parties, storage and a great area for kids to keep dry and warm in the cooler months and in the shade during the hot times.

There are some things to keep in mind. You will need to get a patio builder who has a reputation and is capable to design and construct this new environment. It needs to be constructed to fit with your current home, adhere to property set backs, council approvals, lifestyle and of course in a fixed price budget so you know from the get go what the final cost will be for your new patio.

We plan to enhance your experience! Our in house design consultant will listen to your ideas and how we can create a functional result.

Join thousands of other happy customers who have a new patio build by Best Value Patios!


Give The Home Some Makeover And Build More Equity

This photo shows how a custom built patio design can fully integrate into your current home, by adding value to your property and an investment into an enhanced lifestyle.

When choosing the right patio for you and your family, it is most important that you choose the right patio builder. When making this decision you would not only be adding to the aesthetics of your home and the lifestyle choices to enjoy the Australia climate all year around, but you would be adding equity and value to your property investment.

Adding value is what we do best at Best Value Patios and we do this creatively with design, function, choice of materials, in house manufacturing and powder coating and our own dedicated installation team, so all costs can be managed from start to finish.

We have been building patios for many years now and our experience to delivery a high quality job at the best value is at the heart of our business. We extend this to each of our clients so we give you a personalised approach with minimal impact during the construction process.

In the current property market, adding value to your current investment is a wise choice.

Contact us to arrange an in house design consultation to help develop this investment.

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Find The Design That Fits You

Some people will want modesty while others will want to have some extravagance with their new patio design. When it comes to deciding which type of the patio you would like to build for your home, at Best Value Patios you will get a patio that fits into your own tastes, lifestyle and budget. There are many designs that seamlessly extend to your home, while others may link to the pool environment or outdoor alfresco.

There are many options in patio designs; some are more complicated and utilise different materials. At Best Value Patios we have experience in using a combination of material to achieve outstanding results, in both design and function.

If you are limited with budget, we can creatively develop a design that maximises the overall appeal of your new patio, whilst using cost effective materials. Our inhouse consultation will help develop your vision and how it would best integrate into your current environment. At Best Value Patios we come to you and listen to your needs, where we can then develop a budget to suit. This is all done in the comfort of your own home.

Call us for an obligation free design consultation or click here to view our gallery.

Custom designed patios are our specialty!


Trusted and reliable Patio Builders in the city of Perth

A patio is often a feature that is included in a majority of dream homes when individuals have a choice in construction or renovation matters. The inclusion of this feature has a number of advantages apart from the obviously aesthetic value it brings to the house. However, installing a patio is not as simple as it may first seem, and professional help is a wise addition to the task should a home owner decide to build or install one.

There are a number of companies that are currently available in the market, and choosing the best option for this task can mean the difference between success and failure. Best Value Patios offers one of the most reliable services when it comes to patio builders Perth. Their focus on this particular activity has led to the development of professional experience that cannot be substituted for anything else.

The company ensures the full satisfaction of its clients from the start of the project to the end. Individuals who may want to take up a more hands-on approach can also hire the patio builders Perth for the installation process. This ensures that the Patio is efficiently set up and constructed to the highest standard. The company provides a variety of services apart from installation; some of these include the initial design of the patio, direct manufacturing, shire approvals as well as powder coating.

The services on offer such as designing the patios are aspects that should really be taken into consideration by the home owner. Best Value Patios ensure that all items such as the available space, suitable building material and appropriate design are factored in to the final decision making process. All these issues are integrated into the client’s budget and an ideal solution found to suit their needs.

Best Value Patios also offer a number of additional services for those who may be interested in more than just patios. Individuals interested in alfrescos, carports and custom built designs are able to find these services from the same company at an affordable price. An important element when considering the various Patio builders Perth that are available in the market is quality. Spending one’s hard earned savings on a construction project is not an easy decision. Should a home owner decide to go through with such a decision, they should take the time to ensure that the project will be a long lasting one and not incur any additional hidden costs in the future. Best Value Patios ensures that home owners get their money’s worth.


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Patios are a great inclusion to any home; this is especially true when one happens to be residing in Perth. The feature does not only provide an aesthetic value to one’s house, but also provides a means of cooling off with friends and family during the hotter seasons of the year. It also works as an opportune area for social gatherings and provides additional space for those occupying the house. All in all, the addition of a patio is a wise decision for any home owner in Perth, and one that should be taken into serious consideration.

However, deciding to get a patio is only the beginning of the journey. The means by which these wishes will be achieved is an essential part of the process. Choosing the best patio installers Perth to carry out these activities is just as important as the initial decision itself. Ensuring that one is able to get the best value for their money is important to any individual, and hiring the correct company is the first step in achieving this goal.

Best Value Patios is a company focused on providing the best services to their clients at an affordable rate. This family owned business ensures that those who contract them for such work are able to get the best quality available, at the budget afforded by the client. Complete with a team that specialises in design, fitting and fabrication, the company ensures that all aspects are handled by professionals well versed in their work.

We make a point of ensuring that all work is done in a timely fashion to minimally affect the day to day functions of the home owners. This is an important aspect of the work detail as construction can be a noisy and invasive activity if not handled correctly. The main aim of Best Value Patios is to provide a memorable experience that does not involve the disruption of the client’s daily activities.

Those thinking about hiring patio installers Perth are also able to enjoy the services of a consultant from us. This will enable you to fully discuss your wishes and intentions, as well as getting some advice on what would best suit your needs. For more information, visit our Facebook page on

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If you are a keen entertainer and love the idea of alfresco dining, Best Value Patios will design, fabricate and install your new Patio. If you have a swimming pool, then the right kind of patio would maximise your space and function.

Our patio prices are highly competitive and we pride ourselves with delivering a high quality, great value patio.  We can reduce costs of building a Patio by the way we design and specify the plans.  At Best Value Patios we also save with material costs as we fabricate all our patios in house, plus we even powder coat in house!  Our team of patio installers Perth are professional and friends with minimal impact on your day to day lifestyle.

The patio price is based on the amount of steel required, materials, size and complexity. Our sales and design consultant are mobile and will visit you at your home when convenient to prepare a design and quotation for your new patio.

It is easier and cheaper for you to hire the services of a professional company. After design, we submit plans to the local council for approval and plan out the fabrication. The patio prices are also managed by using in-house installers as we schedule our team to be most effective to quickly get in and get out with minimal impact.

Depending on the materials and the size you want, on average, patios cost between $4,000 and $30,000 or even beyond. It comes down to your budget and what you want to achieve at your home.  Value add today!

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Behind (or beside) any great house, there should be a great Australian Patio to complement the comfort and aesthetics of your home. With the price of property today, it makes sense to add value with a new Patio. It’s quick and effective!

There are varieties of patio designs you can choose from. For example – Gables, Pyramids, Domes, Hip Ends, Skillions, Flats, and Carports to Custom designs.When building a patio in Perth our in-house design consultants come up with design options that will best suit your home, your lifestyle and of course your budget.

If you are thinking of installing patio but have not decided yet, just remember the heat during the summer! Our patios offer a cool environment during summer and warm and dry during the winter season. Patios can also be designed to create a backyard space for many other elements other than just weather. They can be used as car shades, for Alfresco’s, entertaining areas, pool areas and for other outdoor activities. All of these will add value to your home in Perth and give you an enviable lifestyle.

Over the many years, Best Value Patios have relied on referrals from our satisfied customers. We know how a great looking patio can transform your outdoor lifestyle and provide a space to entertain both during the day and at night. Request your complimentary inhouse design consultation to get started with a Best Value Patio!

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